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fashion clothing

We have created a system for one online clothing retailer in middle east to show customers similar dresses based on their sent photos and styles.     We have created a model that is capable of doing large-scale visual recommendation which is one that can incorporate visual signals directly into the recommendation objective. Essentially, a user interested in buying a particular item from the screen may want to...

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We are a green company and care about the environment as much as we care about the technology. We offered our help and AI expertise to national forest protection program in a country in Africa to be alerted of any change in the forest landscapes in almost real time. For this purpose we used zoom.earth which uses NASA daily satellite imagery instead of google earth...

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Demand Forecasting

This system has been developed for a major car electrical equipment manufacturer in the Middle East. We were asked to create a precise demand forecasting system so the client can precisely forecasts part demands for its handful of clients in high volume without any spontaneous spikes in demands and unwanted surprises.     We had to think out of the box and not only use the latest advancements...

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Creating an Insurance claims NLP analyzer using IBM watson explorer

.qodef-ordered-list ol li { font-size: 14px !important; font-family: Raleway,sans-serif !important; } Following up a successful approach by IBM using its Watson service in the insurance industry, we offered a challenging, yet exciting offer to one of our clients in insurance industry in Middle East Asia to use an Insurance claims NLP analyzer for its vast amounts of claims and boost up employees performance while increasing user satisfaction.   The main struggle of...

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