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The classic Turing test evaluates a machine's ability to mimic human behavior and intelligence. To pass, a computer must fool the tester into thinking it is human -- typically through the use of questions and answers. But single-celled organisms can't communicate with words. Now researchers have demonstrated that certain artificial cells can pass a basic laboratory Turing test by 'talking' chemically with living bacterial cells. The...

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Facial Recognition The Brainwash database, created by Stanford University researchers, contained more than 10,000 images and nearly 82,000 annotated heads. [caption id="attachment_6390" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Facial Recognition , AI[/caption] SAN FRANCISCO — Dozens of databases of people’s faces are being compiled without their knowledge by companies and researchers, with many of the images then being shared around the world, in what has become a vast ecosystem fueling the...

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Artificial Intelligence beats poker

An Artificial Intelligence program has defeated leading professionals in six-player no-limit Texas hold’em poker, the world’s most popular form of poker. The AI, called Pluribus, defeated poker professional Darren Elias, who holds the record for most World Poker Tour titles, and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, winner of six World Series of Poker events. Each pro separately played 5,000 hands of poker against five copies of Pluribus.   For AI...

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