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Satellite Image Recognition for forest demolition detection

We are a green company and care about the environment as much as we care about the technology. We offered our help and AI expertise to national forest protection program in a country in Africa to be alerted of any change in the forest landscapes in almost real time. For this purpose we used zoom.earth which uses NASA daily satellite imagery instead of google earth feed which is almost too old for this purpose.



We manually selected coordinate zones which were of our interest. We had to train the AI system to ignore cloudy days images. Then each day the system checks predefined forest zones and if it detects anything other than forest texture, it will select that part and put it in the operator’s dashboard with specific coordinate details and satellite imagery for further detection.



In a year of system deployment, our system could detect more than 100 felonies of unauthorized forest demolition and construction and also forest wood smuggler infrastructures in almost no time which was a big surprise to culprits.


October 26, 2019


AI, Deep Learning, Image Processing