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AI Services

The Only Way For Your Business To Time Travel To The Future

From image analysis and human activity recognition to semantic search and manual task automation, AI gives you a competitive edge

  • Automation at scale: AI software development services enable businesses to save time and money by automating and optimizing everyday processes and routine operations. Avoid mistakes, bias and human error.

  • Holistic insights: Use fact-based insights from AI software to predict customer preferences and offer them a better and more personalized experience.

  • Better decision making: Make faster business decisions based on outputs from cognitive technologies. Grow your expertise by enabling analysis that offers intelligent advice and support.

  • Increased productivity: Enhance business productivity and operational efficiency utilizing the latest AI development services. Avoid production loss or insufficient product quality.

  • Act-on engagement: Improve customer services with a data-based engagement for customers and employees. Mine vast amount of data to generate quality leads and grow your customer base. Increase revenue by identifying and maximizing sales opportunities.

Appilux can help you apply the latest AI software development tools and methodologies to create solutions that deliver real business results. Our end-to-end AI development services and off-the-box products combine academic research with industrial practice. In our work, we apply mathematical and statistical foundations and the latest techniques including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and neural networks in order to augment your current capacity or develop effective artificial intelligence software solutions for strategic business opportunities.

Our portfolio of AI solutions

AI strategy

Validate the feasibility of using AI software in your company and enable the transition from tactical AI decision-making to an actual business strategy

What your gains are:

Discover and identify the organization’s competitive advantage powered by AI 

Assess the company’s readiness for AI adoption

Get a list of strategic AI transformation goals aligned with your particular business goals 

Choose the right combination of AI technology based on the proposed solution vision

Speed up AI transformation by increasing awareness across the company

AI technology consulting

Artificial intelligence consulting services will help you realize how many opportunities come from implementing AI solutions into your business, along with the analysis of available data and data’s monetization potential

What your gains are:

Get your massive data set to a manageable size in order to find the best answers to the biggest questions lying in the data.

Ensure your AI Model is accurate and explainable

Evaluate the real value of the AI opportunity

Get business and technical documentation for your future AI solution

AI development & engineering

Run, maintain and scale AI and machine learning solutions from pilot to production. Adopt frameworks to leverage real-time data for developing and deploying AI applications in a real-world context and drive a positive ROI

What your gains are:

Drive smarter transformations of your workflows and technology

Turn raw unstructured data into quality useful information

Get intelligent insights to your customers and into their experiences 

Identify anomalies that stop and prevent fraud-related losses and damages

Find out what’s expected to happen in the future and get competitive advantage in the market

Make data-driven business decisions based on extracted relevant features and stats

Our portfolio of AI services

Industry agnostic services

Anomaly detection

Identification of rare items, events or observations which deviate significantly from the majority of the data and do not conform to a well defined notion of normal behavior.

Manual task automation

Optical character recognition and data capturing solutions for extracting information from any documents to eliminate manual processes

Facial recognition

Person identification based on live captures and digital images for biometric authentication, access control, and other security purposes

Image data labeling

Deep learning models that automatically identify and tag people and objects in pictures and videos

Time series forecasting

AI models to predict future values based on previously observed values

Human activity recognition

Intelligent models for human posture recognition used in sports training, surveillance, healthcare, and more

AI solutions to grasp human language and emotions

Speech recognition

Real-time speech processing and voice interfaces to automate routine tasks and take user experience to the next level

Semantic search

Advanced, NLP-powered algorithms to dig up search results that match a user’s intent best

Text classification

NLP-powered categorization of emails, posts, and other textual information for sentiment analysis, topic labeling, and spam detection

Emotion recognition

Analyzing images and videos to detect and recognize emotions and better understand your customers’ response to your products and services

Machine Learning

Applying our expertise in supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement machine learning, we build smart systems that make best decisions with little to no human help.

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Deep Learning

Utilizing the power of multi-layered neural networks, we architect AI business solutions that mimic — and even outperform — human intelligence.

Natural Language Processing

We build real-time speech recognition and conversational AI software solutions that drive user experience way forward.

Computer Vision

From biometric authentication to CCTV monitoring and live video analysis, we develop AI solutions that accurately recognize and interpret visual information.

Industry specific services

Healthcare & Biotech

Improve diagnostics and care delivery, enhance patient-doctor communication, and optimize hospital operations and population health management with AI-powered healthcare solutions

Life Sciences

Facilitate the development of new drugs and drug repurposing, draw insights about drug candidates, targets, and biomarkers, as well as improve clinical trials with our powerful yet intuitive AI solutions

Finance & Banking

Automate banking and financial processes, reduce operational costs, enhance security, and enjoy other benefits of AI in banking and finance

Retail & E-commerce

Make faster decisions, enjoy accurate demand forecasting, streamline inventory management, optimize the flow of goods, and better understand your customers with AI for retail

Supply Chain & Logistics

Gain total control over shipments, reduce paperwork, and simplify vendor communication, deliveries, and warehousing operations with AI-enhanced software

Education & eLearning

Personalize learning programs, produce smart content, automate administrative tasks, and provide access to education for students with special needs with AI in education

AI is the key to a successful business intelligence process which leads to better decision making  and dynamism. Start your journey with us.

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