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Be Ready

You Still Have Time To Prepare Yourself For Whats Coming

Our world is undergoing radical, disruptive changes at an accelerating speed. Innovation, digitalization, and technological progress fundamentally transform whole industries, reshape consumer demands, and challenge conventional business logics.

In the past, organizations embraced and implement digital technologies in order to remain competitive, boost productivity and efficiency, and raise profit margins. Digitalization has been the most valuable tool of modern businesses due to its capacity to cause substantial transformations in how organizations function by improving their internal business processes and their relations with the customers and users. Today, digital technologies are accelerating and enabling the development of other technologies at a pace never seen before.

Acceleration of Digitalization 2000-2020

The connectivity between digital technologies, constant collection and connection of data-points alongside the development of innovative technologies is doubling the speed and capacity while reducing the costs of technology. All these factors boil down to a key rationale: The speed of is change exponential. The Consequence: Disruption, Unpredictability, and Opportunity

And there is no end in sight for the exponentiality of change. Technology will more and more naturally merge with human life.

The Internet of Things (IoT), advanced data processing, machine learning, advanced visualization techniques, and next generation unheard-of computing power are a reality and not science fiction anymore. As we create and innovate at ever greater speed, we lose the ability to keep up with the evolution, unless we are ready to do so.

IoT connected Devices in Billions 2020-2030 Projections

Emerging technologies, combined with data and digital infrastructure with unlimited capabilities require new business models to deliver on customers’ demand for information, changing expectations and customized value propositions. The result is the complete disruption of whole industries, where new businesses are born old businesses die and natural selection becomes digital selection. Ultimately,  each organization must face the challenge and decide the path of digital evolution or the path of extinction. 

Four are the major technological trends that each company shall embrace in order, not only to survive but to prevail:

  1. The dominance of Apps
  2. The complete shift to Cloud computing
  3. The extensive use of Blockchain
  4. The Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence

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