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Develope Native High Quality Apps For Web,Mobile & Desktop Platforms

Mobile App Development

Smartphones appeared and changed our life completely. Now, the tiniest phone is more powerful than the computers of the past. No surprise that mobile app development covers all our needs nowadays, from communication to work and leisure. That’s why businesses focus on mobile app development heavily, creating various solutions for individuals and other companies.

If you want to get a brand-new mobile application, improve or redesign any existing tool, test demand with the MVP, or just consult about mobile app development services, you’re in the right place. We research, design, build, deploy, test, and support native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS. Working with Appilux, you get a full-cycle software development with all the necessary stages: business analysis, architecture planning, UI/UX design and prototyping, development, testing and QA, release with deployment or publication, and further tech support.

Our mobile apps are developed for iOS, Android with native performance and also we provide cross-platform apps for Windows and Linux desktop operating systems.

Web App Development

Online and mobile web solutions are core bridges between your business and clients. Web app development helps people learn more about your company, check the services and products, contact your team, interact with various solutions: catalogs, order forms, videos, etc. If you need a new tool, want to improve an existing app, or require thorough research, we’re ready to help with all these web application development services.

We provide custom web app development, cross-platform development, design, web consulting, legacy modernization, system integration, and lifelong support. You can quickly get the solution you need, from simple websites to advanced dynamic web apps with the tailored client- and server-side modules. Don’t hesitate to ask us about our web application development company if you have any questions or ideas to discuss.

Talking about custom web application development, we mean a whole range of distinct services. They include enterprise and customer research, design wireframing and prototyping, architecture planning, frontend and backend coding, optimization, maintenance, DevOps, and so on.

The principles, process and tools we employ in WebApp development are a combination of the ones used in custom software and custom app development. 

Feel free to contact us in case you need something unique, we surely can check your requirements and propose the best suitable solution.

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