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Blockchain Services

Maximum Transparency & Never-Failing Security Of Data

Enjoy maximum transparency and never-failing security of data and transactions with the use of blockchain technology. Blockchain brings the power of distributed systems to businesses, eliminating operational inefficiencies, improving traceability of data and assets, and leveling up the security of corporate ecosystems.

Full-scale blockchain development

We offer a range of blockchain development services to power enterprises with decentralized networks and apps and transform how they handle data and transactions. We will lead you throughout the blockchain implementation journey — from ideation to implementation while taking accountability for the transparency, security, and efficiency of developed ecosystems.

Blockchain Consulting

We will design a roadmap for implementing a blockchain solution, outlining the network design, selecting the optimal blockchain platform, and thinking out all the required features and integrations.

Private Blockchain Ecosystems

We will design and implement a secure, permission-based blockchain network inaccessible from the outside to support your transaction-heavy business.

Decentralized Apps

We will help you control critical workflows and capitalize on secure transactions with an enterprise-grade decentralized app that is tailored to your needs and smoothly fits into your corporate infrastructure.

Smart Contracts

We will help you eliminate repetitive operational processes and optimize resource utilization via smart contracts that prevent unjustified changes and automatically execute the set obligations.

Blockchain-Based Marketplaces

We build decentralized market platforms that enable secure, transparent, and traceable transactions, as well as allow their peers to collaborate effectively with no intermediaries.

Crypto Wallets

We will help you build a digital wallet with a neat and intuitive UI that lets users handle cryptocurrencies conveniently and securely.

Asset Tokenization Platforms

We will develop software that turns any of your assets — from art to securities — into unique, unreplicable tokens, so you can handily create, manage, and exchange your assets.

Applications across industries

Supply Chain & Logistics

Whether you want to boost your workflows, control the usage of fuel, streamline the execution of contracts, or gain transparency into every step of a product’s journey, we can help you. With self-executing contracts and decentralized data storage, you will shorten the supply chain cycle and enhance any operational bottlenecks.

FinTech & DeFi

Reduce the cost of transactions, facilitate payment processing, automate digital invoicing, eliminate human error and fraud, and improve the accuracy and security of transactions with blockchain-based software. We build consumer-facing apps and those boosting back-office operations, including digital identity management, automated compliance, and financial data tracking and analytics.


Protect sensitive patient data, ensure HIPAA compliance, tap in value-based care, facilitate clinical trial management, and guarantee secure and fast medical record sharing among authorized users with healthcare solutions relying on advanced encryption techniques. The software we develop is high-performing, 100% secure, and intuitive.


Speed up or even automate insurance claims validation, cut down claim processing costs, and guarantee secure and transparent data exchange with blockchain-based solutions.


Improve the traceability of suppliers, goods, and transactions, enable faster and cheaper payments with no intermediaries, and eliminate e-commerce fraud and counterfeit. With blockchain-based verification, payments, and loyalty programs, you could build customer trust across the entire buying journey.

Real Estate

Manage property deals with no paperwork and intermediaries, establish trust between parties, ensure the immutability and traceability of transactions, and cut the risk of sensitive data exposure down to a minimum. The real estate solutions we build provide enhanced pre-purchase due diligence, liquid asset implementation, data encryption, and owner verification.

Our powerful tech stack

Blockchain platforms: Hyperledger, Etherium, Stellar, Corda, EOS, Tron, Hashgraph, Tezos, IBM blockchain

Programming languages & frameworks: Solidity, C++, C#, Angular, Python, React, Next.js, NestJS, Express.js, Rust, Kotlin

Do you consider a blockchain project? We’d like to hear from you.

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