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Enterprise Data Manager Tool With API

data manager - entities

Appilux Enterprise Data Manager tool wraps your new or existing SQL database with a real-time GraphQL+REST API for developers and an intuitive admin app for non-technical users. With this package, You are in total control of how your data is structured and stored. It supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, OracleDB, MariaDB, AWS Aurora, and more. You can connect directly to your database and run complex SQL queries with no added API latency, also you can quickly create a custom API using an existing SQL schema, or our App’s intuitive data modeler or extend the core API with additional endpoints, response filters, webhooks, and event logic. The granular access control allows you to define custom workflows for any of your unlimited user roles.

It sports the following amazing features:


  1. Multilingual Content
  2. Revisions & Revert
  3. Folder Support
  4. Exports & Backups
  5. Search & Filtering
  6. Dynamic Thumbnailing
  7. Built-In Docs
  8. Soft-Delete Archiving
  9. Relational Data
  10. Full-text Search
  11. Advanced Filtering
  12. Content Translations
  13. Custom Form Editor
  14. Bookmarking
  15. Manual Reordering
  16. Item Commenting
  17. Multilingual App
  18. Batch Editing
  19. Data Validation
  20. Custom Workflows
data manager - data models