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Concrete Hollow Core production Management System

During the development of the biggest mall in the Middle East, we were asked to help a well known sub contractor in the development site to manage the hollow core production and warehousing process.



Hollow core slabs are precast, prepossessed concrete elements that are generally used for flooring. Advantages are Rapid Construction, Flexible in design, Durability, Light weight, Structure, Long span, up to 17m and being Fire resistance.



We used RAD technologies to create a web based multi user dashboard both on the web and mobile system which helped site engineers to constantly monitor and manage the development process.



We have created an AI based optimization sub system to help to identify best warehousing locations for produced hollow cores so the time and effort for loading them toward the installation site become minimum. This could increase the efficiency and performance of the whole process by 40% and reduced the total forecasted time by 25% overall.


October 26, 2019


AI, Optimisation, Web Application