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Appilux Visionary Charter

Appilux’s mission is to ensure that the latest AI technologies are incorporated into daily processes of enterprises of all sizes while having the prosperity of best cloud platforms around so to be sure about solution reliability, expandability and integrity. While doing that, we are so strict towards ethical borders of using artificial technologies and will try to be sure that these technologies are used only for the good of humanity and prevent all uses of AI which harm humanity or unduly concentrate power. We are green and will stay green technologically and mentally.



Data Centric Attitude

Appilux uses DataOps methodology to orchestrates and automates the data analytics pipeline, promotes features to production and automates quality and adhere to DataOps manifesto whenever we are working with data.



Customer Centric Attitude

We commit to offer the best technological solutions to our clients’ business needs which should create big surge in their performance with reliability and flexibility in mind, hence using best platforms for hosting those solutions. The center of all these efforts and the major beneficiary should be the customer at all times.


Technical Leadership

To be effective at addressing our impact on society and our clients, Appilux must be on the cutting edge of AI capabilities and should have the latest knowledge of all the advancements in the field in order to offer the best to the clients. We believe that AI will have broad societal impact on humanity and also our clients’ environment, and we’ll strive to lead in those areas that are directly aligned with our mission and expertise.



Cooperative Orientation

We will actively try to cooperate with other technology providers and research and policy institutions around the world to find the best pack of solutions for common industrial and social problems and monitor the latest advancements in the field and cooperate with people who are actively involved in the field to support best practices. 



Delivering Knowledge

As an active player in the industry, Appilux should put enough effort in conveying the latest technological knowledge and best practices to more people around the world in order to educate and prepare talented people with less access to best resources and create an army of AI specialists to solve biggest problems for the good of humanity.