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Appilux Travel Guide App

travel app dashboard

Appilux Travel Guide App is a complete travel guide app based on a country that is completely developed on Google’s Flutter. It has also an admin panel which is also developed on the Web. It works on both android & iOS. We have used Firestore Database as a backend and applied lots of animations to make this user-friendly. We have used Google maps and Its APIs to get nearby data like hotels and restaurants and show routes between the source and destination.

It sports the following amazing features:


  1. User Sign In – Used social media sign-in like Google Sign In, Facebook Sign In, Apple Sign In for iOS, and also skip sign-in feature where user can access the without signup.
  2. On-Boarding Screen
  3. Loading Animation: Loading animations are available on all screens which give users a fluent & smooth experience on data loading time.
  4. Lottie Animation
  5. Pagination: Used infinite scrolling which will help to load unlimited data without any problem and reduce database cost.
  6. Pull-to-Refresh
  7. Custom Google Map: Used Custom google map & custom marker icons to make a new & elegant design.
  8. Google Maps APIs: Used 4 Google Map APIs – Google Map for Android, Google Map for iOS, Places API & Direction API.
  9. Travel Blog: A complete travel blog with users’ reactions, comments and bookmark features.
  10. Travel Guide: A Map view between source & destination place, estimated cost, the distance between two places, and step-by-step travel guides with cost.
  11. Nearby Hotels & Restaurants: Used Google Places API to show nearby hotels and restaurants on the google map. Applied an interactive animation between Google Map and Places List.
  12. User Reviews: Users can review places & comment on blogs. User can also delete their comments.
  13. Categories: You can use your country states/cities as categories and the app will divide the contents according to the categories. It will help the users to find out places quickly.
  14. Search: Used Recent Search feature which will save the recent search(s) of users locally.
  15. Firebase Push Notifications: Can send push notifications directly from the admin panel to all android & iOS users in just one click.
  16. Firebase In-App Messaging: This can be useful for any campaign setup.
  17. Cached Image & Data: Images & databases can be accessed even offline.
  18. Admob & Facebook Ads: Used interstitial ads of both Admob & Facebook ads. Ads are configurable on user clicks. Ads can be controllable from the admin panel.
  19. Multi-language Support: You can add your own language to the app with the easiest way.
  20. User Reaction & Bookmark : For both places & blog contents.
  21. User Profile: Users can edit their names and update their profile pictures.
  22. Html Support: Content description supports HTML text so that you can apply custom design with Html text.
  23. Hero Animation: Used flutter special animation package Hero in all content for a smooth and seamless user experience.
  24. Backend Service: Cloud Firestore Database from Google which is super fast, easy to use, and also secure.