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Work With Us

Technology is a double-edged sword. On the brighter side, we have ever-changing and improving features because of the rapid evolution of technology. On the other hand, this very pace of technology and the rate at which it evolves in completely different directions, makes it difficult for software engineers to be good in everything. Every engineer has, sooner or later, become an expert and develop a specific skill set.


This is a great challenge for software development companies that strive to upgrade to better technology and offer to their customers the latest and most efficient solutions. In Appilux, we succeed in getting the best of two worlds: Stability and risk minimization by keeping critical capabilities in-house and technological edge by employing the top experts from the global markets, who become members of the Appilux Network of experts.


We often require to hire talented gurus for our diverse portfolio of projects. If you think you are the one, just buckle-up and send us your resume to talent@appilux.io. Needless to say, we need an industry standard CV plus linked to your amazing historical outcomes including your public github/gitlab/bitbucket code repositories.


After submission and initial review of your file, each selected candidate looking to join our internal or external team, must go through a screening process designed to evaluate expertise, professionalism, personality traits and communication skills. The full screening process takes between 4-8 weeks to complete.


The first phase of the screening process is an English language and communication interview evaluation. During the online interview, we discuss your curriculum and we also assess personality, valuing professionalism, results orientation and teamwork.


The second phase consists of the technical knowledge evaluation. After assessing the candidate’s past work and problem-solving ability as evidenced in the candidates’s submitted file, she or he is invited to a second interview with our technical expert screeners. To join the Appilux network you must be an expert in your domain, and we typically only advance candidates with exceptional technical skills and results in this phase.


The third phase is assessing the candidate’s hands on skills. Each candidate is assigned multiple real world tasks in a proctored environment. Results of the candidate’s activities play a crucial role in the decision making process.


Members of the Appilux network maintain a track record while working with clients. The best way to continuously deliver excellence to our customers is to remember the simple mantra: “Never Stop Learning”.