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Backend Development

The Heart Of Every Successful Modern Software Lies In Its Backend

The backend is the portion of a website, web application, or mobile application that exists behind the scenes. By contrast, the “frontend” of an application is everything that the user interacts with. This includes design features in the website or application, links, transactions, images, content, and others.


The backend is often used for data storage or communication. It generally consists of a server, an application, and a database. If your mobile app sells products, then your customers will be dealing with the mobile app itself (not the backend applications). Browsing through your selection of products like electronic items or clothes and making purchases all technically occur on the frontend within the mobile app. The information about the user’s order, their account, and their personal details are all stored in the backend. This is, of course, to ensure that their information is all in one convenient location.


The backend is sort of a repository of everything that makes your web presence and mobile apps run smoothly. In many cases, all the information in the backend is stored on remote or even cloud-based servers. This can lead to certain vulnerabilities, especially when the information of your customers or employees is at risk.


For larger enterprises, backend systems generally include a much broader scope of information. Because of this, the backend consists of “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP) software that integrates all sorts of information ranging from product planning, manufacturing, and marketing to shipping, payment information, and inventory management. Clearly, the data housed in the backend can be expansive and extremely sensitive.

Businesses are more prone to cyber-attacks than ever before. An estimated 556 million people become victims of cybercrime of some sort every year. While not all 556 million are victims of backend vulnerabilities, this really underscores the need for better security. At the same time the performance you need in order to have a successful scalable application inevitably depends on the quality and efficiency of your backend engine.

What we offer?

Web/Mobile App Backend

we create mobile/web back ends enabling advanced business logic in native and cross-platform apps

Enterprise Backend APIs

We can create super fast, scalable and secure APIs for your enterprise data silos and legacy softwares

Cloud Native Backends

We setup your serverless microservice implementations as a multi cloud scalable structure

From setting up scalable data warehouse solutions to managing containerized apps with Kubernetes or implementing DevOps and test automation, we know how to build cloud back-end solutions that deliver. Changing an app’s behavior under the hood without disrupting user experience on the front end is a trick few companies can pull. In Appilux, we  will help you optimize web and cloud apps’ performance, address technical debt, split applications into self-sufficient microservices, and migrate your existing software to the cloud, when required.

Need back-end development services? Our back-end development team has almost twenty years of experience in providing efficient back-end solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client. We are always ready for new challenges and never miss an opportunity to master our skills.

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