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Appilux Was Born To Be A Game Changer

We started Appilux to enhance Human Intelligence by AI and all niche technologies which are out there but far too unreachable for many users. Our strategy is to respect humanity and nature while doing anything we do.

Appilux Charter
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Founded in early 2015 by Vahidreza Mousavi, Appilux started its business by providing enterprise scale technology solutions to its customers in the Middle East, offering machine learning solutions and big data analysis to boost up customers top line performance and bottom line results. In 2016 Appilux started expanding in the Central Asia and the CIS markets. In 2019 we reflected on a year whose start saw 100 machine learning papers published a day and its end looks to see a record breaking funding year for AI. The 2020 is a great significant year both for the industry as well as for the company as it plans the expansion of its activities in Europe. Since its creation, Appilux’s strategy has been to use the latest technology and best platforms as basis of various projects and best cloud platforms to host and run ready made solutions for Appilux’s customers.
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Vahidreza, Founder & CEO

Vahidreza Appilux

Antonis is a senior executive and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in P&L management, operations, corporate and business building and development. He has a confirmed track record of generating growth both in emerging and established markets, improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability.


A visionary strategist with outstanding leadership ability, creative problem solving skills and talent in identifying and exploiting opportunities. He has demonstrated competence in both mature environments and start-up situations, building, developing and leading strong and effective teams. He has worked for 15 years, in senior positions, for the Viohalco Group, before establishing his own businesses in 2010. He has a history of success in startups, in international business expansion and operational turnarounds and has skillfully handled complex transactions, including M&As and high scale JVs.


Antonis holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), an MBA in finance from the ALBA Business School in Greece and an Executive MBA from the IMD Business School in Switzerland.


His view regarding AI is that in the next 10 years, we will we experience as much change as we did in the past 50 years. Whether we like it or not, AI is already here and beginning to transform our lives.


“By 2030, we will be living in a future where AI is smarter than J.A.R.V.I.S and as necessary as our mobile phones today. It is our responsibility to think about the future impacts of an AI now, and make decisions for the greater good. An AI of the People, by the People, for the People.”

Vahidreza got his MSc in Computer Engineering from one of the best engineering universities in the Middle East (Sharif University of Technology with the 1st ranked Computer Engineering Faculty in the region) with honors specialized in Artificial Intelligence. Instead of a fully sponsored PhD in Canada or several corporate career proposals, Vahidreza choose instead the entrepreneurial path that led to the founding of Appilux in 2015.


He started his career, in 2004 , as a software engineer and developer and had the opportunity to work with the largest companies in Iran and the Middle East for solving and handling complex corporate problems using IT, artificial intelligence and data analytics.


Through these projects he expanded his connections to Europe and has worked for European clients in England, Holland and Switzerland, managing several joint projects with European, Arabic and Iranian parties.


A keen believer in the golden mix of business with technology, he has been looking for opportunities to expand outside the Middle East boundaries.


In 2016 he joined forces with his close friend, Antonis, whom he had known during his European projects. Together they expanded Appilux’s activities, initially in Central Asia and CIS countries and later on focusing on European markets. Today, they manage together Appilux’s talented team, established in Central Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Antonis, Europe Head

antonis kallergis

We have a talent team around the world

Checkout our managing team

Mahshid Appilux


Sajad Appilux

Armenia & Cloud Team Manager

Manucho Appilux

Data Science Team Manager

Morva Appilux

Digital Marketing

Borad Supervising Member

Makhmal has been Vahidreza's personal green AI advisor and BFF for life for the past 4 years and is very picky about how and when he does his job.

We are really honored that Makhmal and Snow have accepted our request to be our permanent advisory board members.  Their presence fulfill two main intentions in addition to the ultimate joy.

To be honest, a lot of bureaucratic work took place to convince them hop on board.

Board Supervising Member

Snow is a green AI activist with a watchful eye, when not sleeping, to ensure that Appilux will use its technologies for the best of the planet and its inhabitants.

snow times

First, they remind us forever and during our company’s lifespan that the technology we are working on and offering is just about making human life better, while respecting everything regarding our mother nature. We want to be green and our AI solutions are also green.


Second, they remind us, how complex and artistic the nature is when it comes to designing intelligent beings and how far we are behind. Human’s current technology cannot live up to nature merits in AI and existence. We will respect this fact and will strive day by day to become closer and closer to what nature made for us in billion years of evolution.


And third and most importantly, when you are around these fabulous creatures your productivity level picks up drastically while eradicating your normal stress level. So, they also ensures we have a better KPI regarding our efficiency and performance cause we are way more happier with them around.

Makhmal Vahidreza's personal consultant and bff web green/blue
Makhmal is a cyborg in 2045

Our Expert Collaborators


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